Supporting United State's Emergency Services

Emergency Services

United States is renowned for wildfires, flooding and other natural disasters – and some years seem kinder on us than others. Where would we be without the dedicated efforts of United State’s emergency services?

The Rapid Relief Team offers a unique catering support service to The United State’s federal and state emergency services. Over time, we have mobilized and streamlined our operations to respond with immediacy and efficiency to natural disasters across the United States.

Our volunteers are trained and accredited to set up catering tents at base camps – designated as safe zones by emergency services crews. Our operations are governed by WHS requirements by state.

Portland Wildfires 2017

In 2017, close to 8 million acres nationwide have burned in wildfires, and approximately a fourth of those acres have been in Oregon, where some 525,662 acres have burned as of September 3. Of those, an estimated 38,000 acres – about 7 percent of the total, have been lands protected by Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF).

On September 6, two massive and dangerous wildfires merge into a 32,000-acre blaze near Portland, raining ash down on the city. At 4:00am on Friday, September 8, the RRT Team from Portland, drove to a temporary relief site, where the Firefighters were assembling after their shifts, to eat and catch up on some rest, in the make-shift campsite. RRT served cold water bottles, Gatorade, energy bars and an assortment of pastry items.

Seattle Amtrak Tragedy 2017

On December 18, 2017, Amtrak Cascades passenger train 501, enroute from Seattle to Portland, derailed near DuPont, Washington. It was the inaugural run on the Point Defiance Bypass, a new passenger route intended to reduce congestion and separate passenger and freight traffic. This tragedy resulted in the loss of three lives, scores of critical injuries, and the closure of the main Interstate Highway on the West Coast. Hundreds of first responders and rescue personnel were dispatched to the scene, including Military and National Guard resources, as well as heavy equipment and cranes needed to move the derailed train cars off of the highway.
The Rapid Relief Teams from both Portland and Seattle partnered together to provide some relief to the responders working in the pouring rain to secure the scene and clear the roadway. RRT Volunteers assembled tents and chairs on site and supplied hot coffee, cold water, and refreshments to provide a level of comfort under the circumstances.

Knoxville Wildfires 2016

On November 29, 2016, 30 RRT Volunteers from Knoxville, TN drove to two community centers in Pigeon Forge, TN and a shelter in Gatlinburg, TN to disperse supplies and donations they had collected from local stores, to those displaced by the Smoky Mountain Wildfires. Last night the RRT second shift stepped in around 6pm and although the shelters were passed on to the Red Cross, RRT continues to support the Emergency Personnel and help out at the Command Center. RRT is extremely thankful to all those who have donated large amounts of water, food and supplies for the victims and emergency services!