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Cleveland RRT Serves Dinner at Laura’s Home City Mission on May 25

Who doesn’t need a hot, juicy, grilled burger to put a smile on their face?  On Friday, May 25 (Memorial Day Weekend), RRT Cleveland fired up the grills and provided dinner for about 200 women and children at Laura’s Home. Laura’s Home is a safe-haven and resource for women and children in the Cleveland area.

Grilling Burgers at the Laura’s Home of Cleveland

The kitchen in Laura’s home was buzzing with RRT volunteers prepping fresh food, for the 5:00 dinner call.  Outside, dozens of burgers and grilled onions were being prepared.

RRT preparing food in the Laura’s Home kitchen
Serving the food through the service window

Dinner was served through the cafeteria style service window to appreciative patrons.  The dinner room was filled with families who are working towards “positive, productive futures”.  Heaping plates of burgers with all the toppings, desserts and beverages, turned out of the kitchen over the next hour.

Patrons of the Laura’s Home in line for a BBQ meal provided by Cleveland RRT

Many expressed their gratitude for the enthusiasm and happiness with which RRT volunteers served.  Others complimented on the flavor of the burgers and grilled onions.  “You all should quit your jobs and start selling these burgers!”, one woman said while posing for a selfie with some RRT volunteers and children.

BBQ dinner being served Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend

One young girl thanked RRT, with an ear to ear smile when she received extra chocolate chip cookies for herself and her younger siblings. It was truly heart-warming to see how much this meal meant to the residents. Moreover, it was an honor for RRT to serve 200 of approximately 99,309 meals that Laura’s Home provides annually.

Children posing with RRT volunteer

After the meal, the families began to return to their rooms or make the most of of the summer weather outdoors, by retiring to the Laura’s Home playground and outdoor pavilion.

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