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Rapid Relief Team BBQs

RRT Provides Hundreds Of Meals For Those In Need.

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Natural Disaster Relief Efforts

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Inspiring Community Spirit

The Rapid Relief Team Is A Committed Charitable Organization.

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RRT Los Angeles Responds To California Wildfires

Rapid Relief Team from Los Angeles supported the firefighters and other emergency responders, in what turned out to be most deadliest and most destructive wildfire ever recorded in the state of California. What started as a small campfire in the nearby mountains, destroyed over 100,000 acres and 6700 homes and other buildings. The fire jumped the main 101 freeway and headed from the hills to the pacific coast, destroying anything in it's path. It was stated that the wildfire grew at a pace of 40 football fields every 30 seconds, and firefighters responded that they focused on helping with the mandatory evacuation and only confronted the fire when it was safe to do so. Many people fleeing their homes found themselves completely surrounded by flames. The damage was so extensive, entire developments were left looking like a war zone. The Rapid Relief Team provided refreshments and cold beverages to the firefighters, as well as served meals from a safe distance.

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RRT Columbus Provides Summer Lunches At GRIN

On the week of August 6 - 10, The Rapid Relief Team from Columbus arranged an amazing event serving 555 meals over 5 days to residents of Gahanna, Ohio, who are in need. Working with GRIN (Gahanna Residents in Need), RRT personnel had the privilege of serving children and families who otherwise may not have eaten a substantial meal that day.

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Hurricane Florence RRT Relief Efforts

On Saturday September 22, 2018, a large group of RRT volunteers from the Washington / Baltimore area, hit the road at 5am en route to North Carolina, to show their support to Hurricane Florence Victims. The Rapid Relief Team set up in a Lowe's parking lot in Jacksonville, and used the RRT Mobile Support Unit to cook and serve 600 burgers to the residents of this community.

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The Rapid Relief Team from Los Angeles is still responding to the California Wildfires, by continuing to feed and support the firefighters, officers..

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The Rapid Relief Team has stationed their Mobile Support Unit next to the LA Fire Station 71 at Point Dume, right off Pacific Coast Highway in..

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RRT Los Angeles Relief Efforts For California Wildfires

See how RRT Los Angeles is responding to the California Wildfires!

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Photos from Rapid Relief Team US's post

This afternoon, the Rapid Relief Team from Rochester, NY, assisted at the Walk for Alzheimer’s Event. This fundraiser walk was held at the Frontier..

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Photos from Rapid Relief Team US's post

The Council Bluffs RRT Team helped The Down Syndrome Alliance today at their Omaha Buddy Walk, which supports those with Downs Syndrome. It was..

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Rapid Relief Team AU

Hope, Help and Hay come to the Australian farmers and their families in the drought-stricken Bairnsdale Vic Area.

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